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A True Soaring Ultralight
The ATF Soaring Trike (ATF = Air Time Fix) adds power to your hang glider so you can climb to the thermals and power-off for lightweight trike soaring! You can use your hang glider with the ATF Trike, or use Nortwing's specially-designed Stratus wing which has been built specifically for this lightweight trike, with a state-of-the-art airfoil design. The double surface Stratus wing provides best performance for cross-country, has a great sink rate and slow-speed handling, and is best for short-field take-offs. No mountain, no problem!

Imagine! Ascend effortlessly up to cloudbase. Shut the engine off and soar in silence with the birds all afternoon. When the lift gets light, pull the overhead starter and fly back to your flying field.

ATF Trike • Specifications
• Weight (MZ34) 102 lbs.
• Empty Weight 186 lbs. (Stratus / MZ)
• Gross Weight 550 lbs. (Stratus / MZ)
• Climb Rate Approx. 300-500 FPM
• Wheel Base W-62" (outside)
• Wheel Base L-61" (front-to-rear)
• Height - Trike folded 2.25 feet w/o prop
• Smallest Size folded W27" x H30" x L55"
ATF Trike • Features
• 6" Nylon Wheels
• 4-Point Harness
• Foot Throttle
• Fuel Primer
• Utility Bag
• RPM/CHT Gauges
• Black Seat
ATF Trike • Optional Accessories
• Turf Tires
• Strobe (only Electric Start)
• Parachute - BRS 600S Rocket
• Parachute - Hand Deploy
• 5-gallon Fuel Tank
• Hand & Foot Throttle
• Saddle Bags (pair)


Ultralight Trikes with engine and wingOrder CodePrice
ATF Trike, with MZ 34 & Stratus 17LT222STM$11,300.00
ATF Trike, with Simonini & Stratus 17LT222SSP$11,900.00
Trikes (not complete aircraft)Order CodePrice
ATF Trike only - with MZ 34LT222MZ$6,400.00
ATF Trike only - with Sim2+LT222S2+$6,900.00
ATF Trike, no engine or wingLT221$3,100.00
ATF UpgradesOrder CodePrice
5-gallon Fuel Tank (ATF Trike)FU810-X$110.00
BRS 600 Rocket Parachute (Soft Pack)BRS600S$2,859.00
Electric Start, Installed - MZ 34UPG5$590.00
Parachute (hand deploy)HD450$1,150.00
Saddle Bags - with North Wing logo (pair)UPG39$184.00
Turf TiresUPG54-6A$160.00
Strobe (electric start only)STROBE1$195.00
Hand & Foot Throttle - $103.00
Wings for TrikesOrder CodePrice
Colt 2 15 - Single PlaceCOL2-15$4,500.00
Pacer 13 XT - Single PlacePAC13XT$5,990.00
Stratus 180, Light Trike WingSTR180$4,990.00


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Northwing ATF

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